Company Formation

Most contractors opt to run their own limited company in order to maximise their take home pay. By using a specialist contractor accountant you not only maximise your take home pay but also your time. You can minimise your tax burden, benefit from tax relief and claim expenses against your income. Our experts can guide you through the full range of benefits that come with setting up a limited company.

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Why become LTD?

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Greater tax efficiency – Greater control over how funds are received from their company enabling higher tax savings and take home pay.
  • Expenses – Ability to claim a wider range of expenses including travel and subsistence.
  • Control – Total control over the company finances.
  • HMRC schemes encouraging business – Running a Ltd company entitles you to benefit from incentives the Government have put in place to encourage enterprise in the UK.
Once you’ve made the decision to contract under your own Limited company, the next step is to form your company. The initial process only takes a few minutes on our website, once we confirm your details your company can usually be formed within 24 hours.

To begin the process of forming your limited company or just to find out more please complete the form onscreen or call one of our new business team direct on 01992 668599.

Once you have formed a Limited company, you will receive all the necessary Limited company documentation such as the incorporation and share certificates.