6 great resources for finding first time contract work

Finding workFinding new opportunities is a vital part of daily life for contractors serving all sectors. It is recommended that you regularly network, build relationships and search for new contracts, even if you have secured back-to-back jobs since you entered the contract market. Keeping your name out there and relevant in your respective marketplace is integral to limiting the unpaid gaps in work that make contracting risky business in today’s modern world.

For first time contractors, the reality of having to continuously market yourself and find opportunities within your niche is a difficult one to face. Thankfully, there are several strategies that can be exercised both online and in-person to market your services and secure work as a contractor. Before we reveal the best online resources for finding first time contract work, Contractor UK provides some handy advice that’s applicable to contractors looking for work across all markets:

“There are a couple of things to be aware of when searching for jobs online. Many clients will have a number of ‘preferred suppliers’ (agencies acting on their behalf), so you are more than likely to see the same job posted several times on the major job boards with different reference numbers. The recruitment industry has also come in for some criticism for posting ‘phantom vacancies’ – false jobs with widespread appeal, the sole aim being to capture a large number of fresh CVs with minimal financial outlay.”

Searching for opportunities and qualifying leads with care is vital, whilst being aware of the quality resources already used by contractors to find work is worthwhile. Here are just six resources that are great for first time contractors.


With a worldwide network of more than 3 million contractors and freelancers, it’s easy to dismiss this job finding and posting resource as being too competitive. But as its 1 million job strong board proves, there are plenty of opportunities to go around. Guru aims to link quality employers with the contractors and freelancers they need. They encourage connection and collaboration, whilst their virtual ‘work room’ makes it easier for contractors to complete projects flexibly and securely.

Guru is the perfect portal for programmers, designers, writers, sales and marketing professionals, administration staff, engineers, architects, business consultants, financial advisors and lawyers looking for contract work opportunities.


Fiverr is has received a lot of criticism over the years, with their low paid positions enraging many throughout the industry. For first time contractors looking to gain experience however, Fiverr gigs offers opportunities to build business and contacts.


With big name brands advertising contract work, part time, and full time opportunities here, JobServe attracts a number of job seekers, not just contractors. It’s easy to use search feature makes finding industry-specific, UK based jobs easy. You can also upload your CV to make the process of applying as straightforward as possible.


Run by big name online recruiter Total Jobs, CWJobs is a search site that specialises in remote, part time, contract, freelance and flexible roles. As the home of tech roles, you can find UK based companies with more than 10,000 job advertisements available to browse now.


Contractors shouldn’t be deterred by the name of this job search website, Freelancer provides an array of contract work opportunities too. By signing up, you’ll be joining 27 million professionals, most of which are available on demand, to find work. Freelancer is used by an array of freelancers and contractors, specifically digital professionals specialising in IT, design, content, engineering, sales and marketing.


Whilst many of the resources we mention above operate on a global basis, LocalSolo specialises in matching employers with the freelancers and contractors that are local to them. The website has just begun advertising remote-based opportunities, previously only listing jobs that required face-to-face contact with the employer. With LocalSolo you can do more than find contract work. You can connect with fellow independent professionals in your area to enhance your reach further.