Agency support

Why you should choose Shield:
As part of the Shield Group servicing over 15,000 clients we pride ourselves on putting our clients first, giving you peace of mind that they are in safe hands and are always receiving the best level of service.

  • Tailor made services – We believe every client is different and as such we will adapt to their needs.
  • Preferential service - If you are an actively referring agency your candidates will be put to the very top of our priority list meaning they will be contacted and set up with us as efficiently as possible.
  • 24 hour set up - We will guarantee to have your contactors Ltd company set up within 24 hours. We will then forward the company documents to both yourselves and the candidate so you have all the relevant information to complete any contracts at your end.
  • Banking partners -  From experience we know the process of setting up a business bank account can sometimes be lengthy and delay payment for contractors. We have partnered with 3 different banks to ensure candidates have options available from the start and are set up with an account as soon as possible
  • Specialist dedicated account manager - You will be assigned your own account manager who will be available to help with any new referrals you may have. They will be available to help with queries about current candidates you have with us giving you access to one point of contact.
  • Compliance – We are focussed on keeping our clients working in a compliant way. Range of industries – We work with contractors in a range of different industries and cater for those with varying circumstancest

How to find out more, or refer contractors to us

Contact our new business team on 01992 668599 or email us, All we need is the contractor's name, contact details, estimated length of contract and rate of pay and we will take care of the rest.