Will it be more difficult to source contract work after Brexit?

Our impending departure from the European Union (EU) is still huge news. As Brexit Day 2019 approaches, news of our fate and new life outside of the EU isn’t going to go away, but understanding how it affects our individual lives and job prospects is what people across the UK… View Article
Tom Bell Tom Bell , 25 October 2018

Is your startup getting the support it needs?

With Brexit Day approaching and uncertain economic times on the horizon, businesses of all sizes and niches are looking to strengthen operations and from within. For new businesses in particular, getting the support needed to succeed is more crucial than ever. Many entrepreneurs have voiced their dissatisfaction about the government… View Article
Jude Eze Jude Eze , 18 October 2018

Self Assessment – the deadlines you need to know

The end of another tax year heralds a barrage of reminders via email and by post that you can complete your Self Assessment. Oddly, these continuous prompts can make people less likely to be proactive – it’s all too simple to switch off and forget about the deadlines completely. Being… View Article
Jennifer Gannon Jennifer Gannon , 11 October 2018

GDPR: How much could non-compliance cost you?

With May’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementation deadline behind us, you may have thought you’d heard the last of this landmark legislation. Three months on, however, there are still a number of businesses and contractors that haven’t heard of GDPR, let alone complied with the stringent regulations it enforces… View Article
Tom Bell Tom Bell , 4 October 2018