Do I really need to keep hold of all these receipts?

Knowing what to claim on expenses is only part of the puzzle. After you’ve identified the expenses that are eligible for tax relief, you’ll need to gather and submit evidence that supports your claim. Most transactions are tracked and recorded electronically these days, with many contractors buying supplies essential to… View Article
Tom Bell Tom Bell , 16 August 2018

Business expense or no business expense? That’s the question!

Managing your business expenses isn’t easy. In fact, many contractors, both new and experienced, have difficulties defining what is an allowable expense and what isn’t. We pride ourselves on helping the contractors and small businesses we work with to claim on the expenses they’re entitled to. Here, we provide a… View Article
Jude Eze Jude Eze , 9 August 2018

Switching from Umbrella to Limited

At Shield Accountancy, we’re never shy about sharing the benefits of forming a limited company to boost your contracting or small business. Limited and umbrella company contracting are often subject to comparison, with a variety of arguments to be made for both. There are many advantages to going limited, from… View Article
Jennifer Gannon Jennifer Gannon , 2 August 2018