5 reasons to outsource your accounting as a contractor

Contract work is often associated with a whole host of benefits, from the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss to the lack of involvement in office politics. The financial advantages offer other plus points for those looking to provide their skills to companies on a less permanent basis. Whilst… View Article
Jude Eze Jude Eze , 31 August 2017

How to switch your accountant

As a contractor, an accountant can be a source of profitability and a route to better tax efficiency. Your accountant isn’t just there to keep records and submit returns on your behalf, their knowledge of the latest rules and regulations can shape your business and its success. But what if… View Article
Jude Eze Jude Eze , 28 August 2017

A contractor’s perspective: Thoughts on IR35 changes

The announcement last year that the government would push through with changes to IR35 caused much consternation among contractors. In the months following the announcement, we discovered more and more from the government about the reforms and contractors became more and more anxious. Why is this worrying contractors? The reforms,… View Article
Jude Eze Jude Eze , 24 August 2017

IT contracting: what does it involve

In this post we take you through the basics of what being an IT contractor involves, the current state of IT contracting and what the future holds. As we have previously touched on in our post ‘Which Contractor Skills Are Most in Demand?’, companies are increasingly in need of IT contractors…. View Article
Jude Eze Jude Eze , 7 August 2017